this web tight will end soon, it will not return if no mr. what? or mr. who? or fork refuses to show up. The fork people have until 12/15/15 to show up, the mr. what? 48 and mr. who? 31 will remain open until 7/7/2033 no knew works or thoughts on this final fork sift, serving 7billion+ creative departure.

as of 9/1 one world one people mission: accomplished enjoy. If any mr. what? 48 nations cities or counties show up, it will be published here, if mr. who? 31 nations, provinces shows up at shadyside with 5-1LS, it will be published here, if four jokers points and one handle eyerash fork, pay ransom, $5million$ USD on or before 12/15/15 it will be published, here. This web tight will self destruct, on 929 max or any time prior, bertha butt, but will return if mr. what? or who? shows up via couties48cites48 letter heads with the two words dead center, mr. what? sent/cent to mr. what? . Penny lovers, 100% population are 333,333queen666 enjoy the games of queen vs. queen departure style. 23isa28:22 night sky is waiting.. one world "queen" has 193UN locations to play within "One World One People" One World Tower, of queen eat queen, enjoy, heaven awaits, you will all have your stories to tell, forever...,...

I will attempt to keep this information until 9/14 almost deleted it all at 12:07am on 9/1, but because it was so sloppy, it needed to be organized before eye could print it out, most 93% of the shit, I put up never get's printed, but since this is "final" sift, decided to print this shit in case it's taken serious, at some point of time, tine in the future.

what? will mr. what? and mr. who? do after final sift? on 9/29 21,000 families will be forced to accept this final story on 48 corner and 10,000 families must accept it as well on 31 store (china-ma-in-land/clouds) so, they must back up, final sift, as if they were here in flesh, for they are here, in blood spilled, coming up from the earth. So 52 pick up 31,000 families will be completed on 9/29 the age my father was when I was born. It looks like, Sharpstown Stones landscaping, until all 7billion are at home, night sky, eye wonder why? mr. why? © All 14europe rights reserved

The Civil War Ended 

(1860-154-2014) 6/24/2014

The Mexican Central America war against -NOT- Ended

 (1836-178-2014) 6/24/2014

NOT used only (Nation-Of-Texas)

not allowed to use the word

"texas" it has been "outlawed" and replaced with the word

"Alamo" in 666childmind alone.


The Nation Of Alamo is coming-

Houston MC

(former empire state of mind one world Texas)


48 empire states of mind states  of egypts50 have been replaced with new names

a-fro-m, remember the Alamo, remember the Goliad and remember the San Jacinto.


The Nation Of Deaf Smith is coming-

Houston MC

(former empire state of mind one world Michigan) (Michigan, you rabid yellow

Chinese7dots mind, keep talking your ass ass inate shit on 3255 3355 coming 9/4 to 9/9)


that's 2 out of 48 Nations coming with new names, a-fro-m, (coming to "alone5star220ton holder alone" as of this typing, which is to say, zero pop here to see it)

remember the Alamo,

remember the Goliad,

remember the San Jacinto,

remember the Washington County etc...


each 48 nations of

Houston MC will have it's own laws remember:

123 125 1-25nations outlaws, 1-23nations inLAWs,

there will be international "law" known as

18north international, 13south international 17west international within 123 125 to honor U 21 from the past Civil War Years 1860-154-2014 7N 7S 7W 21 balanced and blue printed-



The Separated 48 Nations Of Uncle Sam

 Houston MC

(former Washington DC dead little 11year old brother, 222 years, salvaged by big brother 33 placed into 48 Nations)


remember: 193UN nations are all "little brothers" former flags and poles. All 193UN are like 11years old in mind of born. Little boys, like Robert was in 1947. Big Brother NOT is 33years old, had to watch, little brother choose, 333,333 sick, twisted, haters of them, time and time again against Big Brother -NOT- finally, little brother died, all 193UN little 11year old kids (1991-11-2002) dead, then big brother had to choose, one flag one pole, your a pee on flag and pole. Citizens of the world, no books before 911-2001 remain, must be burned, by one world one people one tower, all history has been won by one world tower. No history is allowed before 911-2001 by ww1 winners 14europe1jap created world.


So in loving memory of dead little sister193 & 193UN brother, 333,333 Angel666beast/mercedes will be waiting for your souls in the night sky heaven, to build you all man-sions for defeating man sion27 fly from solar system to solar system as ghosts forever, 252x16 like is star trek voyager except, more souls will be on each rock.