Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

6231 Westward #67

Houston-TX 77081-3223

​Phone 346-240-4868​

created 2.28.1994

NOT went deep silence after LBJ singed his name at 1847 Kellum-Noble for the last and final president held every to years since 12/12/1844 to 12/12/1960 caught between a rock, election and hard place, raise your hand for/four office, for when JFK raised his, NOT LBJ was in his ears, every second via old path to power, making sure, he knows, he JFK has "liberty" to choose on 22/11/1963 at 12:30 flight toto eye catch the rays down in Africa, not bless, but catch cat-.38 pair ahh yell for now, japan is 2nd dot, making them the .38 pair of yell-low middle missing 2nd dot,,

wait until 10/22/2016 when 7th dot becomes 6th dot wow let the games being, Taiwan 5th dot new old hong kong 7th dot, whip and leash is what 6th dot wants, that is what they is going to get, hahahhahhahhahahha some things you just cant reach, what have here, 96dog is a failure to communicate as cool hand 43luk5 brings in 40mat24 hurry cain and able hahahhahah looks lovely rolling in TA Conner SB Terminator you really love to be protectors of chinese31pussy yes? enjoy it while it last, one world law enforcement Connors and Terminators, feel real like pussy, hiding being your dr. one drones and bumper cars/clouds yes? wow wait and c3 your ass, be gone, done dusted, soon without any judgement or anger your simply 612pet2:12 yahoo 521the5:3 never 521alMEda so be it, this piece of shit turns 66rev5:4 54 soon on that 23isa66:7 see section one be blacked tared voo doo shit, hahahhahhahah you think it will work still stall one turner may roll? wow, lets go back to the car wash, for every second is, he typing, will be dead today, with your yellow chinese31mind against it's Paper Tiger, wow, you really have no idea what deep shit your in playing with 31Mao Zedong 31store for 51Paper Tiger corner 601pet2 wow, 96 in joy your gift to the world, for now your full blown protected 96against your will. bye bye

""We no longer provide free graffiti removal services for the one world one people one tower Houston community"

born created on 8/26/2016


graffitibusters gang inc usa

pit bulls hip hop of texas vs. where wolfs of London 1000points at Gilleys, NOT (nation-of-texas 1844-1960) being the ref, placed the call, we know who won one bubber/rubber/bubba in december1980, don't we boys, too bad the 21,000 knew nothing about it, it was a pit bull shit hip hop slaughter night, for only a point of light, can take out one of their own, 1000puppies, don't cry wolf now brand chilly chili may yo outside? oh, we, beeza, at it, at it, every day now puppy, with "jesus" bands back you up, hahahhahahhahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah and don't forget, cactus records kitty george man/magiNOt, got to have a zeros gameroom doll hair in the story,, ahhahahhahhhahahahahahahah everyday just another night at gilleys gilling grilling, those Egypt/fish hip hop rule the world niggers upstairs until the cry let me die, let me die, please kill me please kill me, then toss my ashes to venus225/8 wind octagon85pentagon for york105mork & mindY mercedes3bitch his forever, never hell earth of darall hall & joh oates moses dotes hahahhhahhhahahhahha

I'm going to kill you white mother fucker give me the keys, 228-1994 Kirby&south car washDC with your yellow7bitch whore chosen over eve? really now, hell, you can't even kill one puppy of 1000points how you going to find a door to kill ME? old faithful mythology7/24 unto death? black top voo doo sexshone one? ticket by our fuck king emperor7connor? god damn, you better hope against eye that 8show up 8show and 8show up so as to look again at your dee lem mah of Washington DC /CD Beijing spinning, cant eve-r make it to dvd spinning hahhhahahahahahhhahahahahaha silly ass two dogs96door of Code 3 Protection Security and Protection Services hahahahhahhahhahhahah wow so exciting to be a former donkey shit and elephant shit shovel servant. hahhahahhahah

key word former 9/21/2010 bang, bang, your dead, servant dead as hell, gratsee gratsee sent ME right to the strong hold of 24blood gratsee hahahhahhahahhahahahahha last laught? is just getting started hahhahhahahha maybe form a new rock band, call it 5/13/13 quietest rock and roll band in the world,

DEEP RED jing3hit shame on you, pure shame on you.... Wash Washingto DC/CD Bejing jingo, bel90 shame fame on you.

zillion dollar baby, sprinkle, sprinkle, alice cooper proud to full fill that 22,000 Roberts basters song, ezdong, song for all hahhahahhahhahah

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

newly re-established ​on 7/1/2016,

no Individual or group membership sales

until 8 8 8 arrive to Outer-National.