graffitibusters gang inc usa

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

6231 Westward #67

Houston-TX 77081-3223

PH# 346-240-4868

Individual Lifetime Membership Sales

(as of this text on, 7/23 only one "gang" member, the one typing.)

membership association

membership association

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

is a membership "gang" association specializes in helping "citizens" born in the usa pre 911/2001, to "deal" with the one world, one people, one tower, one emperor, Brown Stone born 5555 in Mexico City "Jesus" one final election 45 four fives reality in full swing. Dearborn, who found "jesus" 7778? at 2322? 5516 61 5517 62 woe, moe, doe, foe


eye "gang" of one,

Grafitibusters Gang Inc USA  

has worked diligently since 911/2001 to see that one world one people one tower be "understood".


We no longer provide free graffiti removal services.

no more "information"  (unless absolutely needed) like recent months, until 11,000 membership males and 11,000 membership females are accounted for, if 1million males become members, and only 10,999 females, no information, if 1million females become members, and only 10,999 males, no information.

$78 membership fee females

$69 membership fee males