Washington DC

9-25 7pm to 9-30 7pm

this site is here for 5 24hours max, any min-ute min-imum can vanish.

Washington DC

here is your offer from white trailer trash founder 

Arm-y take your 45th represent one world clown Donald Trump to retrace exact route taken by

JFK on 11/22/63 same everything, same titles, vice president, governor and such until the

12:30pm bang, bang, -pause- bang, claim to fame, then he and wife and such,

will go to Lake-land-Lake,

for free consultation with the stronghold best represented held until 1975, then air forced one to watch them be taken out piece by commie piece, with the best of the best anti-nuke (gone nukes since 5.1.2004) represent typing, until 11/22/1998.


The house located at said such meeting place, represents your one world White House. The trailer located at said such meeting place, represents the best of pre fed 1975 post fed until 1998.


this offer is constant, until 45th does or 46th earns the right of JFK 11/22/63 journey exact schedule, in fact, complete his post 12:30pm agenda, and make your way to Lake-land-Lake, for a Stronghold Properties LLC/backwards baseball visit.


have the top off that limo, like JFK exact timing is crucial, can you dig it?

JFK brains to LBJ, is it about race?

(any day will do just fine, not needed 11/22 to get the feeling of your last day one world clown)