texas is a peninsula by choice married in the tex/mex, 6/12/1991 so they can't use my NOT again, as of 2/17/18 315spa speaking only future, with no opportunity for nation status. they must wait, for 23states to pay membership fee of 1dollar 1penny per county as 315states or 352states, DC and the big 8 are now  locked into 315spa only future. so, NOT 352 NOT 315 NOT 667 must ang find another location among the 23states that check in first to move what is needed, like money creation, tax collection, postal service, and a few more. 22black11jew with 7yellow will not be allowed to remain here, with their white skin kings, emperors foundations. texas peninsula can't become a nation but NOT will remain, in place where outlined on 3/4/2017 and not be moved, and not be offered again, to this image of mine in texas, lets see, if Alamo and Goliad show up with their, victory states of 315spa, at Alamo and Goliad Alamo2 Goliad4, or stay married unto 2nd death, with ME50 like all the other former nations, have decided to do with 7pimp&7whore married to ME50 forever, nig-ger-ber, one world one people one ME50 family affair.


celebrate your yellow chopsticks 2 month family affair

celebrate your black spear and tooth pick

2 month family affair,

school bus mother fucker with your white 4t 6p from hell3 66rev1 2 3 on top dat dare school bus, old school bus shit off your tongue, dead as hell as hell dying it self.


351 you only have a short time to stop doing eng land 351, bush41 turns 94 then what? this is your best chance to give up your eng land dream of being kings under eng land MilK4488man cameth ME50 is over, going down, English Pretend Slavery shit with your 22black11jew history, Washington Dollar and Lincoln Penny can upgrade you from 351 to 352 from your states to nations, white boy, will you do it? or simple suck the ME50 until your souls are in the night sky?

Will Rhode Island remain born351ME50? or will Rhode Island become a -nation- under c/old352 NOT?

The Separated Nations of NOT will have only 2 language spa315 and eng352 all others will be banned, and those 2 will be separated. the same money, except in 2 languages. win some, lose some, in the war of 1836must ang end.

Graffitibusters Gang Inc $USD$

Rhode Island has 5 counties

Washington County is Newport for 45states/counties only, to pay $USD$ one dollar paper, one penny coin, per county for eyeno membership in Graffitibusters Gang Inc $USD$. (for usa died on 911/2001) example: new jersey, has 21counties, find 21men or 21woman or mixed who "historically" represent those counties, place one USD dollar one USD penny coin, into their 21x2hands42, then have them fly to Washington County Rhode Island or Drive or Boat or Walk or Run or Horse, however they want to, they can select one to go or all 21can go, but not 2-20, to Rhode Island, Washington County Representing Their Application Payment For Membership Into Graffitibusters Gang Inc $USD$. Keep That Money Their In Rhode Island Washington County. then send this white trailer trash 2 virgin hymen intact, "historically" correct, females, 18 white, non tattoo, non pierced, for a draft of paper work like at Washington County 1836, to be signed at Bush41airport by voo doo math war games best, of the best, since 7/7/1978, 1000points of light, for his signature, hey, hey, hey, if it's good enough, to place under NOT last secret president LBJ name on 12/12/1982, then hell 2 3 4 it's should be good enough, for Poison Ivy Type Leagues connected to JFK and such. this eye1000has no two way communication. let me read and sign. at bush41outerNation


Rhode Island-Newport County is Newport for ww2back6 24of30rock/nations ww2front6 1939-1945 to repent from memphis50egypt50jew married to 1-6zillion$commie1949babyChina

Hexagram of David, Pentagon of Goliath 45rom1:22 22black11jew 33gift of 1-6world, from which all "population" of 911/01former193UNnations are "locked into", locked into a war against 24 2v4m 3missing holder of this world1-6truth, founder of Graffitibusters Gang Inc $USD$ 1994.

payment for ww2front6 24former nations, is the same. One $USD$ Dollar One $USD$ Penny.


payment to Graffitibusters Gang Inc $USD$ for found this one 2evil4 one "paper1962tiger" china1-6 chopsticks buds, dead on the 3floor on 2/28/1994 must ang pay $14trillion $USD$, payment amount same until 6/6/2018 then will increase on 6/7/2018 to $21trillion USD paid on Galveston Island, your not allowed to Newport Nothing. Jap Japan to Jap China must retreat picking up their rabid cells around the world, and returning them, promise to Graffitibusters Gang Inc $USD$ never to step outside of those borders.


eye1000got one for you niggers, 

it's a family affair400years, blood is thicker than the mudd,

it's a family affair31years, 21,000 you like to burn, 

it's a family yellow7black22jews11

it's a family affair, it's a family affair, blood is thicker than the mudd,

2 3 4 mudd, 1-6family affair.,

400years 31ba skin robbin years

2002-2033 niggers,

got to go, ho, ho, ho, ho,2ho3ho4 satan/santa has his claws up your ass, with hishis bush41 voo doo child 2new ass holes.

sly and family stone yellow park7

this child got burned on your nigger7 1 month 228-1994

just love to burn

lets do it again and again and again

mother fucker

meet me at the car wash ing ton dc again, and again and again, 

until we get it right/4mars left/2venus missing/earth3 trade4right world2left center3missing

central3missing 4intelligence 2agency 269 on agency2dead, 269 on intelligence dead one on missing, still missing, and typing.

no counties and no dollars and no pennies

eye1000understand you 1-6rabid brain sexless, lifeless, worthless, slime all too well at well 16door 6711atwell 33bull lets flying, 12in the back HPD on 7/12/1998 .410jump on that starting line,

hold the line, shit 22/11/1998 in which, you

still call me false, lies, insane, every mental disorder found and missing, hiding behind a 3355nurse for survival, pay check to pay check to pay check waiting and searching for a door to stop this "person of autism/savant" to stop typing shit down and putting it up, cia wash ing ton dc pussy that is a dick dick that  is a pussy sexless 1-6world of nothing butt, but kill hell 3rd rock life forms, enjoy your feast314party351 until your finished.

salvation of 7billion+souls is complete, no need to type shit here,

butt, birth butt, can't help myself,

those words of your precious 11311

1/1 3/11 glen green and marco broden on 228-1994 your precious texas forever

Bin Hua Zheng Poe Properties LLC memphis50egypts ME

1I'm 2going 3to 4kill 5you 6white 7mother 8fucker 9give 10ME 11the 12keys

bush41 6/12/1924-(67)-6/12/1991 

​all eye1000 can say, 

like you say, with your Matteo Panama chi750million pussy, butt a move

keep hope alive, sit and wait,

we gonna getchee, getchee goomay, his white67ass just wait and see,, then you all can come to "America" ME


​hahahhaa nig7g7g7er hahhahah

​my 93intrepid is now 93intrepid, go fuck your self to ME extinction with your homeland security 193smoothy kings of d-ennis st TSUgar land empire state one 1world6 mind

​hehehehehhehe nig7g7g7er hehehehhe



BORN AGAIN ON 2/11/2018 A.D.



​eyeno membership45states "sales",

via counties "only" sails will change

Sharpstown Stones

6231 Westward #67

Houston-Texas 77081-3223


​Graffitibusters Gang Inc $USD$ on

Monday, dat beezzaaa ​tomorrow.

will try to get old number back via,

AT$T. or keep

Sharpstown Stones

current number of


paul Harvey, good2/4day!!


​mexca is cut away from tex with 315

mexca is under holder of 315 typing

​1914island of south america is under holder of 315 352

​1869island of africa is under holder of 315 352


​351 is a warrior for 22black11jew tribes ME4468MiLKman

​314 is a slave for 22black11jew tribes ME4468


​china31married that 22hip 11hop black shit 1999 ME50 all streets.

china31married that 22hip 11hop brown shit 2009 matteo ja-panama 

​hong1kong and tai1wan did not, one married jap japan the other married jap england sushi351casa ME50 sealed on 9/9/1976 with the death of Mao Zedong. so, all they had to do, was sit and wait 23years, 33years for party like it's 9.9.1999 black up slumber j10years 9.9.2009 and own that slave whore31china, with eng1land and ME50 fiddy scent with hell ho 23isa55:1 miLK4468cameth all over you face, flat 7facebook, rule the world 1-6 2.3.4rocks missing party. one 1world6 one 1people6 2/16/16 last 1962crown1 7 pony dead party.,


oh, not so fast, eyezzaaa beezzaaa given old39 ancient27 crowns state1&7church, and was placed into that 3year4month contest, 22/11/1998-34-3/22/2002 that is one thing, this false and lies, can't lie about having, and live another second, Mat-Jud books26sion1crown state, REV book1sion7crown church 66rev1 2 3 2052/2502happy all restaurant on Holcombe, against your rabid all 601pet1:9souls, eye1000win, only 8souls saved back in 2002techs Noah, hell, now all souls, going back to 1285 A.D. saved, wow, hell, eye1of1000 is the best, of the best, for "in old eye alone trust" as of now, will that change? will 351rabid up grade one to 352? and stop the ME50? will 314 up grade one to 315 to end 1836war? 

1is1 mercury

2is5 1isis


4is7 2isis


6is9 pluto 3isis 3rd eye of jap india so proud, unto 2nd death coming.

​6eyes6th floor

​can't take that from them 33tribes LBJ of NOT on 22/11/1963

black22tar11 mack air force one


remember the Alamo is not for 351

​remember the Alamo is for NOT 315 for venus2hot left

​remember the Goliad is for NOT 315 for mars4cold right

Goliad 315 good with numbers

Alamo 315 good with get rid of

shit193UN who do not accept 315,

​big time, all those factories of 351ford with sushi casa.

​give your Hen Her All GEN-KAP315 GEN-KAP315 6% from Alamo2Goliad4

don't let your former pretend buddies351 see ME pay check to pay check,

cumm prenn day?

mexca315 do bush41 6/12/1924 (1) 6/12/1925 

1-25 2012 took ME50bullet out my right leg

2-26 66rev

3-27 gm block

4-28 fe black

67-91 6060hooton virgin star6

rev2:28 bin hua zheng 919-1968 67+33hexagram100israel

78-02 78speed 

93-17 1993intrepid once he turns 94 6.12.2018 that car for 351is dead.

1-6world foam at the mouth

over the 2 (3) 4 world youngest aviator bush41 math voo doo ME50sick bitch, back pack, your "kings" and "queens" ME bags, eye1of1000 am begging you, on my knees, to get to those keys, like yesterday, 6.12.2018 is coming, and can't be stopped.