Code 3 Protection Services

OLD39DBA Nation-of-Texas created on 811-2010 A.D. from 201 Caroline #330 by this one typing, known only as -NOT- since 12/12/1844. -NOT- held secret elections every two years on December 12th. The Last President of the secret -NOT-Lyndon Baines Johnson (8/27/1908-1/22/1973) was elected Last Secret President of -NOT- on 12/12/1960. Lyndon Baines Johnson is the  First Revealed President of -NOT- as of 3/4/2017 A.D. same as the Last Secret President of -NOT- Lyndon Baines Johnson, for he alone purchased the "world" from air/wind/spirits/devils/satan's force one world on Air Force One for -NOT-on the wheels, on the tarmac, 11/22/1963. OLD-NOT-LBJ took office. This one typing, was approached 12/1980 to become a citizen of-NOT- at Gilleys Pasadena-Texas, which my citizenship concluded in/at Kellum-Noble 1847 House at/in Sam Houston Park on 12/12/1982 A.D.