let ME hear you chant,






Break7fast Club


broke the shit out of it

102-16 4crown

1122-16 3crown

morning break7fast

has begun gun7upstairs

statue of liberty

sit and wait?

woe woe woe

your sit and wait

pro at your service serv-ice cold

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

was newly re-established ​on 7/1/2016,

died on 11/11/2016

rest in one world safety and peace,



born created on 8/26/2016


graffitibusters.org has been transferred to

​Graffitibusters Gang Outer-National

​at 5:01pm on 11.11.2016 due to the sudden death of

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA 7.01..2016-410-11.11.2016

6231 Westward #67

Houston-TX 77081-3223

​Phone 346-240-4868​

created 2.28.1994

​died 5:01pm on 11.11.2016 tomb66stone

clean7slate, clean7slate, clean7slate

you can thank/curse 3/12/1979 Ai Lin

and another, and

another, and Bing down the street, for

clean7slate, clean7slate, clean7slate

which is to say, forget all 7dots of

anger typed toward them,

eye will review them after the 9th

month of 14years in one year

which is coming 12/22/2016 at 12:22pm

so, no matter what happens, 601pet1&2

eye22,000crown to 2two then 1one, now in Liechtenstein, holder loser, among superior born angel cells, with angel hand held techs/Lucifer must

control my anger toward all cells of god/trust/angel image of mine,

this is final, and is a choice MAD-e...


12/12/2016 dead line

for go go go vernors24

still stands,

hope against hope

they dew that Letter Of Intent for Tent

for Ai Lin to hand deliver, from 7 7 7 7 Greenbriar door2014,

in fact, all anger typed recent,

shit typed here, gets a clean slate,

butt, let me warn you,

12/22 is not that far away,

and the shit eye typed will come

back again eye do dew believe

and be "locked" in before, trumpet is blown for first lady Russia, "victory" reward for one world "nukes" once upon a time, pointed HERE until 5/1/2004

but old is better

and "in old I trust" alone

so it eye must, obey and serve 24old7,

even in anger

eye seen your precious "Ivan" name in new "citizens of the world" text books for your one world schools, make ME rip you traitors in mind until you be gone Washington DC will go go dancers50join you?


god dan/damn eye am hot

against this image, like never before,

so, please avoid,

ME135/531/666 at all cost, population cells of 6666born bitch-his

lest eye lose my cool on all

our bee half.


final countdown

12/1  12/2 12/3 12/4 12/5

12/6 12/7 12/8 12/9 12/10

12/11 12/12 12:12pm

go go go vernors?

or go go go governors50 former usa hero, or remain "traitors" join your one world war

against 601pet2 23isa55:5 old movie call?