1af gan is tanUN-to-193zim "babs" wayUN all except, 14europe and 4jap 1jap japan 2jap n.korea 3jap s. korea 4jap vietnam can apply to become "elsewhere" members, forget about the vengeance upon Greece and Israel typed prior. typed in red, in case, you ​EW/WE cells of "elsewhere" forgot what color your born blood is, and how your "love" crystal ball "slow" car loves to drink it.

""We no longer provide free graffiti removal services.""

membership association

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

is a individual membership "gang" association specializing in helping former born in the usa/us "citizens" pre 911/2001, "cope" with having been sold as "citizens" of the world via Washington DC, all cells/souls have been given as UK property under 14europe1jap since 8/17/16 at 8:17pm Houston Time (central) The  PJ soul/cells of one world are under 14europe1-7dots direct since 8/18/16 at 8:18pm


graffitibusters gang inc usa

membership association

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

6231 Westward #67

Houston-TX 77081-3223

PH# 346-240-4868

Individual Lifetime Membership Sales

all those cells born "elsewhere" who arrived in USA/US before, on or after 911-2001 are given free exit, to leave, with 911pentagon1941 cells, via and along with The Department Of Homeland Security, or be subject to be taken upstairs and be gifted to the world as food, in your painless "military" one world time. none who were born "elsewhere" who arrived before, on or after 911-2001 are "legal safe", and the cells they have spawned in USA/US, make them easy food for the "world" to consume. 23isa28:22 world & earth "consumption" under way, long over/rev-o dew, due, do.

Due To The Above Statement,

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

will sell born "elsewhere" membership

$99 membership fee females EW/WE

$99 membership fee males EW/WE

$78 membership fee females UK/KU

$69 membership fee males UK/KU

​$45 membership fee males PJ/KU

​$54 membership fee females PJ/KU

​For Your Individual Lifetime

UK/KU PJ/JP EW/WE Membership

mail your membership fee cash or money order to:

Graffitibusters Gang Inc USA

​6231 Westward #67

​Houston-Texas 77081-3223